Writing Exercises And Games

Try these writing activities and games. If the first ones are too easy, try the next one. Each one gets a little harder.

Five minutes before class ends, please leave a comment saying which activity you liked the best and why:

“I liked ______________ the best because ________________________.”

The New News

The New News 2

The New News 3

Bitesize 2 Writing

Making Sentences

Bitesize 3 Writing — Here, do everything that is labeled “Activity.” Be sure to turn-on the subtitles so you can read what is being spoken.

Virtual Traveler

Writing Tutorials

What Are Your Favorite Learning Games?

Later this year you will be creating your own learning games that other students can play.

Today, please play the games on this list. Vote for the three games you think are the best. In the comments section, please write which three you voted for and why you voted for them:

I voted for ______________ because ___________________________.

I voted for ______________ because ___________________________.

I voted for ______________ because ___________________________.

Record A Talking Monkey

Today, you can make a Talking Monkey. You will record your own voice and email it to yourself. Then you will copy and paste the link in the comments section of this post.

In your message, say:

1) Your first name (do not say your last name)

2) Your favorite movie and why it’s your favorite movie.

3. Your favorite book and why it’s your favorite book.

Here is an example:

Mr. Ferlazzo’s Talking Monkey

My name is Mr. Ferlazzo. My favorite movie is called Casablanca, and I like it because the acting is great and the good guys win. My favorite book is Bread and Wine. I think it’s my favorite because it was my father’s favorite.

Create A Talking Animal Or Potato

Today, you will make at least one animal or potato that will “speak” a message that you type. In your message, please say:

1) your first name (not your last name)

2) why you picked the animal or potato

3) three things you like to do for fun.

4) your favorite food.

5) your favorite class and why it is your favorite class.

This is an example: Hi,my name is Mr. Ferlazzo. I picked this dog because it reminds me of the ones I have at home. I like to play basketball, read, and spend time with my family. My favorite food is papaya salad. My favorite class is the one I teach because I teach it!

Here is what it looks like: Mr. Ferlazzo’s Talking Dog Message

After you have finished it, you will need to email it to yourself and the copy and paste the link in the comments section of this post.

You can choose from these sites (you can make more than one if you have time):

Talking Dog or Cat

Talking Otter

Talking Potato